3 New Fabrics from Patagonia

Patagonia gained it popularity in the world with its innovation in highend quality outdoor gear and apparel. To get a clearer understanding of what is the magic formula in such success, we just need to take a closer look at the 3 brand new fabrics just recently introduced by this outdoor sports maniacs Favorited brand.


capileneConsidered to be the high performance fabric of its fast drying and fast wicking capacity, capilene consists with 92-100% recycled polyester materials, which is also very well known materials of Patagonia – Polygiene odor control. combining the both, capilene is guaranteed to give its users the ultimate experience of wearing warmly but at the same time, without the need to carry their clothing that comes with heavy weight. It’s truly a product that bring to its user both comfort and functionality.

Merino Wool

Merino WoolSourced from grasslands of Patagonia and developed to provide maximum durability, Merino Wool is an ideal blend of materials including capilene (which mentioned here). As Capilene is a fabric that is fast wicking, that makes Merino wool too is very fast wicking materials. If you are the environmentally friendly advocate, don’t be worried that the materials will harm our forest, as a acclaimed pro-green corporation, a regenerative grazing model is in placed to make sure the materials are sourced with a kind heart and green consciously spirits.

Merino Air

lana-grossa-merino-air-04Yet another trademarked materials by the Patagonia, Merino Air is regarded as a fabrics with amazing technical performance that seamlessly knit with other green conscious sourced materials. The proprietary spinning technology that equipped the fabric with a heat trapping capacity is enough to amaze the world of outdoor wear. Their zero waste knitting process is also one of the most amazing factors of the whole technology that revolutionize the progress of warm garment.

If you are amazed by these performance-based fabrics, I urge you to try their products out. Feeling lost? Look no further than one of these cheap Patagonia outlet online or personally shop in one of these physical shops that located in your area.

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