App Store Optimization As A Solution

One of the Solutions

App store optimization is one of the solutions for making the app store to include our app in its top list. It is important to be on the app store’s top list since every people who visits the app store will be more likely to notice our app. There are actually many criteria for an app to appear in the app store’s top list. For example, there is a top list for the most downloaded apps and there is also a top list for hot new apps. Being in any of those of top list can boost our app’s rating and app’s fame in the app store thus more people will be attracted to try our app.

app store optimization

Specific Way

Talking about app store optimization in general won’t bring us anywhere hence we must know a more specific way to do optimize our app’s presence in the app store. One of neat way to do it is by using app store optimization services. Well, maybe this is this is the first time for some of us in hearing these kind of services but it truly does exist. One of the most used app store optimization services is the positive reviews and decent rating. App store has out the rating and review section in our app’s page hence people will know either our app is loved by people or not. This service offers numerous positive reviews in our app’s review section thus people will recognize that our app is a good one. Not only positive reviews but also decent rating. Rating appears in the form of star. If people give 5 star, it means that the rate our app as the best app whereas if people give our app 3 star or below, it means that our app is not worth to be tried.

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