Downloadable Mahjong Games for Recreation

Computer games, especially online games, have been popular and highly favored for years by people regardless of their age. Commonly, those who play online games are seeking to meet new people to play together or competing with others to show their skills. However, not everyone likes to compete and some treat games purely as a solitary recreational activity. Amidst the online game trend, offline games are still famous for those who enjoy it. Mahjong is one kind of game that seems to be simple, yet surprisingly enjoyed by many people. The following is a list of nice PC mahjong games that you can download.

Asian Mahjong

Like what its name says, this is the original oriental-feeling mahjong game with all of the default features of the puzzle game. You are going to face 6 different difficulty levels that are divided into 120 tile pyramids. To make it more interesting there are 26 trophies that can be obtained throughout the game play.

Mahjong: Business Style

The oriental atmosphere is now taken into the world of competitions, fame, and money. In this mahjong game, your task is to gather gold tiles: your trophies. Play through more than 100 puzzles with 6 different difficulties to collect them all!

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Mahjong: Royal Towers

Medieval age theme is proofed to be awesome to a huge number of people; seen from many movies and other games that incorporate this particular setting. In this game, the king needs you to solve all of 120 levels in 6 different places around the kingdom.

Christmas Mahjong

Christmas is the time when families gather together in festivity, so it is a perfect time to bond with everyone with a game as well. Since solving puzzles together is definitely more fun, mahjong comes in a Christmas version that challenges you with more than 100 tile pyramids.

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