E Cigarettes: Things You Must Know

E cigarette

E cigarette is very popular lately. Since their first sale on US market in 2007, a lot of traditional smokers switch their nicotine intake with e cigarettes. Before you enter the world of vaping, read the following things you must know about e cigarettes.

Still Contain Nicotine

Indeed, we can’t find tobacco in e cigarettes but it still contains nicotine. They mix nicotine in a liquid with specific flavors to fill e cigarette.


E cigarette is like our gadget. It runs on battery and rechargeable. Most of the brands also provide USB cable that compatible with our smart phone charger. The tank of e cigarettes also can be refilled with new liquids.

Free from Carbon Monoxide.

E cigarette doesn’t burn tobacco, that’s why it doesn’t produce carbon monoxide and smoke. We only inhale vapor when we smoke e cigarette. The lithium batteries heat up the liquid in the tank and vaporize it.

Still Damaged Our Lungs

E cigarette brands claimed that their product is much safer than traditional cigarettes. Well, the fact is not 100% true. Researchers find the lungs that exposed with e cigarette vapor show unhealthy changes similar with real cigarette. Their lung function is decreased and showing airway resistance.

Cheaper than Real Cigarettes

Rather than real cigarettes, e cigarettes cost lest. E cigarettes are reusable, that’s the main reason it’s cheaper than real cigarettes. As long as there is no damaged, we only need to buy the liquid.

No Quality Control

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is doing countless research about e cigarettes. They found 1% of dethylene glycol (DEG) on some cartridges in 2009. In addition, FDA still found low amount of nicotine in the brand that claimed they have 0% nicotine.

Those are the things that you must know about e cigarettes. From those facts, we can learn that e cigarette is not completely safe.

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