Easy stress release technique through relaxation therapy

If you are worried about the danger of taking drugs and pills to medicate your stress problems, eastern medication might be your only options. You can definitely try to look toward relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation) as a way out of stress. Dealing with stress is better with relaxation therapy because they teach us to understand our body and heal it using only our mind. For instance, in this occasion we will inform you about a really interesting technique of relaxation therapy called the meditation of visualization. This is such an interesting yet useful technique to reduce depression or stress.


What is visualization?

Visualization or visual meditation is just one of the many techniques of relaxation therapy. This relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation)is enjoyable and easy because you only need your imagination to do this. You can do it everywhere as long as you can concentrate on your body. Visual meditation requires you to meditate and imagine about your version of the best place in the world. The important thing is that it has to be peaceful and quiet so that you can focus on what’s matter. This can reduce stress through the distraction that it creates by forcing you to focus on the imagery that is I your mind.

Tips on visualization

Visual meditation might sound rather easy for some people, but it actually is not. There are a lot that goes into visual meditation if you want to do it properly. First, you need to manage your imagery for the whole meditation time which can last up to an hour. You also need to utilize three sense at the very least when imagining your heaven on earth. For instance, if you choose to have a beach as your imagery, try to imagine not only the place but also the smell of the salty air and also the warmth of the sun.

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