Easy Way to Obtain Vietnam Visa

Traveling to a foreign country is an exciting experience. However, the preparation can be tiring. Besides taking care of the itinerary, accommodation and transportation plan, we also have to prepare the necessary documents. One of the things that we are usually reluctant to take care of is visa.

visa vietnam

Agency service

Fortunately, we can have Ming Anh travel to take care of our visa on arrival. The process is fairly simple: we just have to send a scan or photo of our passports and our PayPal IDs. We also have to mention the specific date of arrival to the country. Before processing the payment, we also need to specify the types of Visa Vietnam that we want to get. There are some different types of Visa such as single entry, multiple entries, one month entry, or three months of stay Visa.

All of those documents are only have to be sent to visa@trekvietnamtour.com and the approval letter will be ours in no time. However, this can be used only if we when to travel to Vietnam by plane. If we plan to use land transportation from the surrounding countries such as Thailand or Cambodia, we need to contact the embassy.

Express Visa service

The agency also provides Visa Express Service. All we need to do is just send our passport photos, phone number, and arrival date immediately. We must send all those requirements as soon as we make the payment. If those documents are not sent within 24 hours, our money will be refunded to our accounts.

After paying for our Visa with Paypal, it is recommended to confirm our orders on the agency’s Facebook page at facebook.com/vietnamvisaminhanhtravel. There are also important and interesting updates such as promotions, latest news and other info about traveling to Vietnam on the page. We can leave some comments or messages if we have questions in mind.

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