Eyelash Extension – The best solution to get fabulous lashes


All women always want to look beautiful. Various methods are tried by women to add beauty and appearance. More women are now working. It makes women do not have much time to beautify themselves. If we do not have time to apply fake eyelashes but still want to have beautiful eyes, eyelash extensions can be the perfect solution for us.

Eyelash extensions are an effort to lengthen, thicken, and beautify eyelashes with the help of professional. This extension can consist of silk, fur, or synthetic hair and is applied with some specific methods. With eyelash extensions, we will appear more confident and have a more beautiful flatter. Although we are busy, we should still have to look beautiful in any of our activities.

When we want to do eyelash extensions, we have to go to a place that is truly reliable. If we get the wrong place and handled by people who are not professional, this extension will have a bad impact for our health, especially for our eyes. This can happen because the glue used is not good and can be dangerous for our skin or eyes, or the method used for installing is improper. So we must make sure that we do eyelash extension with the help of an expert. Here are some examples of bad effects if we do the wrong place.

  1. Keratoconjunctivitis

It is an infection or inflammation of the cornea that can happen to us because the glue used leaks during the installation process

  1. Allergic blepharitis

This is inflammation of the eyelids due to an allergic reaction to the glue used

Therefore, we must go to place that is really special in lash extension. We must make sure that the place has experts in doing the treatment and use the glue that is safe for us. So we have a safe eyelash extension.

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