Getting Free Cell Phone Service: Assurance Wireless

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The fastest growing free cell phone service brand, Assurance Wireless can be got in Delaware. The same with other states, we can get free cell phone and its service every month when we have Assurance Wireless. To get this product, we should have to pay any cent. This product is free to get with certain conditions. Then, we will get monthly service which is about 250 minute’s free call. The service is featured other cell phone feature, such as text message. When 250 minutes are enough for us in a month, we can buy the extra package with small amount of money. We should not be worried that this product will cost much money. To know more, visit

How to get Assurance Wireless

Applying for Assurance Wireless is not difficult. It will not take hours to fill the application form. The application can be got from the official website Assurance Wireless. There are two kinds of applications and we should choose one. One application is required us to participate in public assistance program. The other one will demand us to send the income document. Basically, we should provide valid US mailing address. Besides that, we should not have more than one free cell phone service, whether it is different brand or the same.

To applying via public assistance program, we only need to involve in a program which run in the state. When we choose the public assistance program based application, we should not send the supported document. We only need to mention in application and sign under oath of perjury. On the other hand, the income based application will require sending the supported document which shows the number of our annual income. Besides that, in Delaware, our income should be at or under 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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