How to Collect FFXIV Chocobo Mount

Mount is basically kind of riding which is used by players to move faster. This is so useful since the Eorzea area is really large and complex. However, when you’re riding your mount, the enemies still can attack you and your mount. This will hurt your mount and decrease its speed quickly. There’re various kind of mounts with different description and shape, but still in same speed increase. The FFXIV chocobo mount is the first mount that you can acquire in Final Fantasy XIV. So here are some steps that you should follow to catch your FFXIV chocobo mount.


First, you should be on the at least level 20 to acquire this mount. Second, at the level 20, you should have accomplished level 20 quest which is titled ‘Hero in the Making’. Third, you should join the Grand Company. In the grand company, you have to finish ‘The Company You Keep’ quests. Last, you must complete quest ‘My Little Chocobo’ which is given by company commanders. But, this ‘My Little Chocobo’ quest is not immediately available after you finish ‘The Company You Keep’ quests. To open ‘My Little Chocobo’ quests, you first should get a ‘Chocobo License’ from the Grand Company. To get this license, you have to pay with 2000 Grand Company Seals. And this kind of ‘Chocobo License’ is basically needed to acquire all the mounts.

And then how to get the 2000 Grand Company Seals? This can be acquired by two different ways, which are using FATE’s and Grand Company Levequest. When you first join Grand Company, the FATE’s will give you Grand Company Seals based on your Gil and EXP. You increase your Gil and EXP until you collect 2000 seals. Or you can choose by using Grand Company Levequests that can be found at several places.

After gets your first FFXIV chocobo mount, then you can collect other mounts with different requirements and quest to be finished.

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