How to Enjoy Cheap Plane Rates

You don’t have to work too hard to get cheap airline tickets. If you come to the site, you will learn about the many handy tips and tricks of getting tiket pesawat murah (cheap tickets) without having to break a sweat.


The Regular Tips

Here are some basic regular tips that you can try:

  • Consider your baggage and meal. Some airlines charge extra for the meal they serve and the extra baggage you are carrying. If you can carry less baggage and your own meal – and you talk about it with them – it is likely that you can get reduced price. Of course, this isn’t applicable to all airlines as different companies have different regulations and policies. That’s why you need to check about the company’s term and condition first.
  • Be time wise. Avoid traveling on weekends or holidays because the rates will be crazy expensive those days. If you can travel on weekdays, it would be better. In case you have to travel on weekends, be sure to book early. Book early won’t only ensure your seats, but save your wallet as well.
  • Be time flexible. If you don’t mind traveling very early in the morning or very late at night with the last schedule, you will enjoy the benefits of getting cheap rate.

Other Alternatives

  • Consider several indirect routes. Instead of choosing a single direct route, you should try several indirect routes. This can save you quite a lot. You need to be adventurous about the whole thing, though.
  • Consider alternative routes. Some airlines have managed their own alternative routes. It is almost the same as the previous indirect routes, but the airline itself that makes the arrangement. It would take you longer time to arrive at your destinations, but if you don’t mind about it and you want to save money, it is a perfect method to try.

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