Legal Paternity Test

Paternity tests are common in cases like child custody, child support, adoption, inheritance claim, and many others. Paternity test is very important in the court as evidence in many cases regarding biological relationship. It is to show the proof whether the biological status of the people involved, which is a father and a child, is legit.

Paternity tests are usually required in divorce cases, where the court needs to decide the custody over the child. The most common and accurate way to do a legal paternity test is through DNA test. The reason is because the modern DNA test has very high rate of accuracy.

How is it done?

To do a DNA test, you could go to a hospital or medical institution to get a legit result. But nowadays, DNA test could also be done at home through online services. The website that provides DNA test would usually give you a form to fill your detailed information, then through a purchase, you would be sent a kit to be sent back to the online institution to be tested. The online DNA test result is just the same as if you go to a hospital, it would give you accurate result and the process is also quick. You will get your result within days.

Things to Take Note when doing the Test Online

Though most of the sites are reliable, there are some things that you need to know first before purchasing a service. Here are the list:

  • Do research. It is better if you do a proper research online about the website before you decide to purchase. Search for the best website with a lot of good review.
  • Do a consultation to a paternity expert before deciding.
  • Search for a website that has a good customer service so that you could ask questions if you have not understand about the process.

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