More than Just WhatsApp

We have a very modern era today and everything always has to be fast and simple. Therefore, you need a high technology too on your device. Whether it is for your personal tablet, laptop, and even computer, or your mobile phone, you have to send everything in fast. If you familiar with WhatsApp, you will get dissatisfied with its features. Therefore, you need to upgrade it into something more, which is called WhatsApp Plus. Install WhatsApp Plus is very simple to do too. Although this application is unofficial one. You still can get it anywhere from your search engine. Choose the procedure that suitable with your mobile, and then enjoy this application.


Plus Side Behind WhatsApp Plus

you will get the same features as the original WhatsApp, but you can improve it with some extra features. You can download the theme; make a different font and the style of your font with extra colors. You are also can do the resizing multimedia in free, so you do not need to resize it first because it will resize automatically. You can send it faster with small memory need. Installing this application is non-legal, so it makes it more complicated. Therefore, you have to notice some steps about it first before decided to have it in your mobile.

You need to understand your mobile need, especially the memory space in it. Enjoying WhatsApp Plus does not mean you do not have to pay in certain time such as for original WhatsApp. You need time to learn about what you have to do before you install this application. Make sure you already backup your previous conversation from your original WhatsApp. It is to anticipate the failure of installing WhatsApp plus. Are you ready to install it now from your mobile?

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