Soundbar by Q Acoustics

When it comes to talking about soundbars, I guess, the best brand that you could have is Q Acoustics for those who are not familiar yet, Q Acoustic is an award-winning brand for loudspeaker manufacturers. Soundbar by Q Acoustics is one of their latest technologies that has become few of the best TV speakers in 2015. There are two types of soundbar that is produced by Q Acoustics, which are media 4 soundbars and Q-TV3 compact stereo soundbar.

Q Acoustics

Firstly, I am going to tell you a little about media 4 sound bar. This soundbar results a vibrant sound because it is featured by balanced mode radiator (BMR) speaker that will produce wide audio dispersion. This will not only create a clear sound, but it allows everyone who is sitting in the room enjoy the same high quality sound no matter the position from the speaker. The Media 4’s real bass will make all of the listeners enjoy the genuine cinema-like sound that will make watching movies could never be more interesting.

Secondly, I am going to tell you about Q-TV3 compact stereo soundbar that has been specifically designed to improve the sound system of your television at home with a very minimal effort. Inside the compact soundbar there is an integrated subwoofer which means that you would not need a separate “box” as you would with another soundbar. The best thing about this Q-TV3 compact stereo soundbar that stands out from the other soundbars is the compact and lightweight sixe combined with a high-end performance.

The best thing about Q Acoustic that they produce award-winning products but at very affordable prices. Imagine that you can have a very high-end quality of complementary sound system starting for only £200! This cost might be less than the VIP seating at your favorite band’s concert, how cool is that?

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