The Benefits of Discover Lifeline

In need of a mobile phone but you don’t have the money to buy one? Do you always have difficulties meeting your daily needs every day and consider having a mobile phone as a luxury? Do you often get government assistance, like food stamps, Medicaid, or Social Security Income? If most of your answers are yes, then you are probably eligible to participate in Discover Lifeline program. In this program, you can get a free mobile phone if your application is approved.

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About the Program

The government is working together with Assurance Wireless, which is one of the biggest cell phone carriers for Lifeline Assistance. The company is actually the second biggest one that is operating in America. It provides free mobile phone (funded by the government, mostly) in 29 states and also District of Columbia.

If you are considered eligible to participate in the program, you can get the free mobile phone, along with the unlimited text message service and 350 free minutes (applicable for local or long distance) every month. In fact, on the first month getting the service, you can enjoy 500 free minutes. In case you find out that 350 minutes isn’t enough, you can pay a small fee so you can enjoy 750 minutes per month. For most users, however, the 350 free minutes is more than enough to help them communicate with important public sectors.


Keep in mind, though, that the mobile phone given for free isn’t the sophisticated or high-end ones. Don’t expect to get the newest iPhone, for instance, or the newest Android phone with lots of applications. The mobile phone given is quite simple; it can be used for making phone calls and text messages. After all, that’s the idea of having the phone, right? To help you stay connected to the world and get better access.

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