Things that You Should Know before Starting Web Design Business


Freelance web design طراحی سایت business is a promising business nowadays. You can have a promising income by having a web designing knowledge. Almost all type of business sectors have a website in order to keeping them in touch with their potential customers. These website are divided into more types for example website that only provides information, website for transactions or even online shopping. If you are trying to enter this business, here are the things that you should know before starting this business:

  • Web designطراحی سایت is a product to be sold. You will have to learn what your client want from you, what do they exactly need and what do they want it to be. Attractive websites are those that fulfill your clients’ need. The more it is customized, the more you can ask for more charge. Be bold!
  • Sales is a skill you must have. When you get down to the business, you will meet number of people who has the same intentions and target the same buyer. Be creative, find out more unique reason why they should choose you over somebody else. If you don’t want learn how to sell your service, find someone who can do it for you, otherwise do not even think to quit you full time job.
  • Prospecting for business is a must, not an optional. Sales happens when customers agree to use your service. It is not impossible to have more prospects from word-of-mouth, but going out to find out is a better than staying at home waiting them to come.
  • Never agree to “payment after completion”. Ask for down payment, if you do not want to get played by your clients, you will have to do your job step by step and ask for payment every step that has been completed.

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